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MLAHA Officers

Peter Jusczak

President (Current Term 2020-2023)

Amy Fitzsimmons

Vice President (Current Term 2021-2024)

Phone: 218-235-1694

Maraya Leino

Secretary (Current Term 2021-2024)

Julie Waldhalm

Treasurer (Current Term 2022-2025)

Andy Leino

At Large (Current Term 2021-2024)

Jen Hall

At Large (Current Term 2020-2023)

MLAHA Board of Directors

Dan Fitzsimmons

Tournament Director (2021-2023)

Phone: 507.319.1322

Bobbi Dresel

Director of Registration (2020-2023)

Phone: 218.251.3867

Jason Rhodes

Director of Scheduling (2021-2024)

Jake Ketchmark

Coach and Player Development (2021-2024)

Timmy Zuk

Director of Rinks and Grounds (2022-2025)

Phone: 218.340.0431

Jen Hall

Equipment Manager (2021-2024)

Phone: 218.390.2500

Carlee Wolf

Volunteer Coordinator (2022 - 2025)

Phone: 630.862.6624

Amy Fitzsimmons

Recruitment and Retention (2021-2023)

Phone: 218.235.1694

Moose Lake City Contacts

Ellissa Owens

City Administrator