Become a Sponsor

MLAHA is seeking partners and sponsors for the 2024-2025 season as we also take on the task of financing a new cooling system for Riverside Arena, home to not only our program, but the varsity boys and girls as well.

The current cooling system at Riverside Arena is on borrowed time. The cost for a new cooling system and related expenses is $660,000. The City of Moose Lake was named as a recipient of the Mighty Ducks Grant and an additional transfer from Moose Lake Water and Light which brings $216,000 to the project.

Over the years, MLAHA has saved additional funds through fundraising and charitable gambling, but will need to finance $300,000 to ensure the cost of the project is covered.

The arena's significance extends beyond hockey, playing a pivotal role in the community's cohesion. MLAHA's fundraising events and tournaments attract participants from out of town, providing a substantial boost to the local economy.

Last year's tournaments alone drew in 648 skaters from other communities, along with family members and friends. Local businesses thrive not only from events around the arena and MLAHA but also through direct ties to the arena itself, supplying food and beverages for the facility’s concessions, miscellaneous supplies from the local hardware store, building materials from the local lumber yard, printing and image design from the local printing company, and local contracting work for projects within the facility.

The absence of the arena would undeniably lead to a significant negative impact on the local community's businesses.

By sponsoring the Moose Lake Area Hockey Association, you'll have the opportunity to reach a large, engaged audience. Each year from November through February, Riverside Arena hosts several games per week as well as four to six weekend long tournaments.

Last year, approximately 2,600 different visitors entered the arena for these tournaments and games alone. MLAHA is a 501(c)(3) non profit volunteer run youth hockey organization with over 125 athletes ages 3-14 coming from the school districts of Moose Lake, Barnum, Willow River, Cromwell, East Central, and Hinckley Finlayson. In addition, because our organization is a 501(c)(3), your donation may be deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Funds raised through your sponsorship will be used to supplement our youth programs to promote hockey for all and continue our fundraising efforts. If you wish to make a dedicated donation to the building fund, you are welcome to do so as well - no donation to this fund is too big or too small - your thoughtfulness will ensure that future generations of skaters and volunteers will have ice and that we will meet our goal of paying off our financing in 10 years.

We also welcome prizes that could be raffled off through various raffle activities we will host throughout the year. Thank you for your consideration and support of youth sports in our community.

Contact Amy at to become a sponsor.