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MLAHA Mission

The mission of MLAHA is to give each child in our program the opportunity to develop and grow as a hockey player, as an individual, and as a member of a team. We hope to accomplish this through educated volunteers, creating a fun atmosphere for practices and games, and developing a community of responsible supportive adults to mentor our players.

Return to Play Update | January 18, 2021

January 18th Updates are below in  blue.

Minnesota Hockey has provided updates to the PHASE 5 Guidelines. Please review the updated document (below). Highlights are also listed here in red:


No equipment bags will be allowed in facilities with the exception of goalies. Small drawstring bags or small backpacks may be utilized to help carry in smaller items and store personal belongings (medications, phones, keys, etc). Coaches and officials may also need to bring bags that carry supplies for practice.


Goaltenders will be allowed to enter the arena 15 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled ice time to allow for more time to put on their equipment.

Locker Rooms

Locker room use is strongly discouraged. However, in some facilities, keeping players and officials socially distanced in lobbies and other common areas is not possible. In such cases, there should be no more than seven people in a locker room at any one time, and all should be socially distanced by at least six feet. Locker rooms can only be used to put on skates for players, with the exception of goalies. 

Additional Information:

Spectators for Practices


Spectators for Games

The number of spectators allowed is dependent upon the size of the venue, per MDH an indoor venue is only allowed to open at 25% capacity. 

MLAHA home teams will be allowed 2 spectators per skater, visiting teams will be allowed 2 spectators per skater to comply with the 25% capacity requirement. There will be no exceptions to this rule. We do not have the ability to allow extra spectators under any circumstances due to our arena capacity and the current state mandate.  Extra children/siblings count as spectators.

Coach passes may not be utilized to allow extra spectators. Coach passes are only good for the team the coach is rostered to coach, during their scheduled game. 

Board passes may be used for the team your child is on only.

Away games are subject to the rules/capacity of the host arena.  As a reminder, check the host arena's policies before departing to ensure you are in compliance. 


Masks must be worn by all spectators, players and coaches regardless of the location. District 11 sanctions for non-compliance of the mask rule include:

1st Notification: 1 game suspension and $250 fine

2nd Notification: 1 week suspension and $500 fine

3rd (and final) notification: Suspension for the remainder of the season


We will be cancelling our remaining invitational home tournaments due to concerns regarding the ability to safely run tournaments while following the current required protocols. 

Teams may still attend away tournaments at the discretion of the coach, so long as they are following the guidelines set out by District 11, Minnesota Hockey and MDH. Out of state games/tournaments require district approval, with the exception of border towns.